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Adaptability, Leadership, and Empathy: Tips from Pro to Know Jenn Sadr

Jenn Sadr Pros To Know

In the procurement industry, those with skill sets such as adaptability, leadership, and empathy are destined to be successful. That’s why it’s no surprise that Head of Customer Success at ORO Labs, Jennifer “Jenn” Sadr, has been named one of Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s (SDCE) 2024 Pros to Know. Jenn received the prestigious Top Procurement Pro award in recognition of her outstanding leadership and instrumental role in helping global organizations advance their procurement initiatives. 

Jenn joined the ORO team in 2022, bringing years of experience building and leading high-performing teams in the procurement industry, including executive leadership roles at two global pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations. She is now leveraging that incredible range of experience and depth of knowledge on behalf of ORO customers.

Here are three things to know about Jenn, including her leadership philosophy and her advice to other procurement professionals. 

A Natural Leader with a Gift for Creative Problem Solving

With more than 15 years of professional experience, Jenn has established herself as a trusted leader in the procurement space. Having worked with Jenn since 2022, I’ve been able to see that she brings a diversity of thought informed by her own professional background and actively fosters this in her teams as a foundational element of her leadership approach. This has enabled her and her team to help customers address unmet needs and solve unique problems with creative solutions – even when there hasn’t been a clear path to resolution. When talking with Jenn about her approach to customer relations and how her experience has fostered that, here’s what she had to say:

“I want to acknowledge the unique privilege we have in working with our customers around the globe, really solving their challenges by bringing an efficient and intuitive user experience to their procurement processes. I caught the procurement and digital transformation bug a few years ago, and have enjoyed this amazing journey reimagining what is possible within this industry.“

Why Adaptability Is Key to Driving Success in Procurement

The procurement industry moves fast and we at ORO keep a close eye on these significant changes. Working with Jenn, she adapts to the industry by taking on every new challenge with enthusiasm. Her results-oriented mindset and collaborative approach empower her to accept new challenges and constantly drive herself and her teams to honor the opportunities presented to them. In her current role as ORO’s Head of Customer Success, as one example, Jenn now regularly gets to tap into her deep insight for direct consultations with the heads of procurement at the customer organizations ORO serves. This adaptability has allowed her to navigate evolving market conditions and deliver exceptional results as a leader in the digital procurement space.

Her abilities to create empowering leadership and innovative approaches, and foster strong positive influences through her role at ORO Labs make her an exceptional procurement professional to know. Her dedication to excellence and building relationships truly sets her apart, and her unwavering commitment to diversity of thought in collaborative problem solving, as well as constant improvement and innovation for ORO’s team and for its customers, further justify why she was selected as a winner of this award.

A Profoundly Positive Impact on Customers

Jenn’s passionate engagement with customers and ability to understand and solve their key pain points is resonating, particularly how she helps customers leverage procurement orchestration and ORO’s adaptable procurement platform to improve overall user experiences for business users. This comes through loud and clear in verified G2 reviews:

“The brilliant customer support team at ORO that is always around to answer and resolve questions, listen to feedback, and bring in new enhancements and features. The leadership team personally invests time to ensure that the product meets the customer's requirements.”

“The customer support from ORO has been outstanding. The team is responsive, knowledgeable, and always ready to assist with any inquiries or challenges we encounter. Their commitment to customer satisfaction truly sets them apart.”

We congratulate Jenn on her recognition and appreciate her vital role as member of the team at ORO Labs.