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The Top 7 Procurement podcasts according to the Procurement Geeks at ORO

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In the fast-paced world of procurement and supply chain management, keeping up with the latest news and trends isn't just a good idea - it's a must. With the wheels of global commerce constantly spinning, new approaches, technologies, and market shifts pop up at every turn.

We asked the ORO leadership team about how they stay updated on the latest news, trends, and evolving needs of the procurement landscape. Podcasts were consistently mentioned as an invaluable source. 

If you’re a procurement geek like us, here’s a list of ORO’s favorite podcasts you could add to your listening list.


1. Art of Procurement

This podcast is an ORO favorite. Recommended by many members of ORO, this podcast features industry experts in procurement giving their insights on current trends. With his wealth of experience in procurement, Philip Ideson effortlessly navigates conversations with his guests, skillfully extracting valuable insights about the industry.

In a recent episode on Unlocking the X Factor in Procurement Transformation, ORO co-founder Lalitha Rajagopalan joined Radhika Samant, (ex) VP of Finance and Head of Global Procurement at Optimizely, to discuss how to strike a balance between the need for speed, control, and compliance in procurement.

2. The Procurement Software Podcast

Recommended by Matt Hugo
Head of Sales, ORO labs

“This show is for procurement, purchasing, supply chain, and finance professionals, C-Suite executives, and anyone in between. The show highlights software solutions that deliver cutting-edge insights and trends. Gain a competitive edge in your procurement strategy by leveraging the insights shared on this podcast. You can start with their AI-powered spend intelligence episode. I had a lot of takeaways from this episode, which discusses how to deploy AI to do the heavy lifting while ensuring that humans are in the loop for the last mile perfection.”

3. The Sourcing Industry Landscape

Recommended by Pascall (Kempen) van Mastrigt
Business Development Europe, ORO labs

“I love listening to this podcast as Dawn Tiura, Sourcing Industry Group CEO, chats with trailblazers in the sourcing industry who are using tech to shake things up. Very motivating for procurement pros.”

In a recent webinar, Dawn Tiura and ORO Co-founder Lalitha Rajagopalan, had a candid discussion on understanding the role of procurement orchestration for businesses, and how to identify best practices for getting started with procurement orchestration.

4. Procurement Talk

Recommended by Graham I. Moore
Partner - Business Development & Sales, Europe, ORO labs

“Procurement Talk with David Byrne has been a trusted resource for professionals in the procurement and business world, offering valuable insights, innovative solutions, and expert assistance to help navigate the complexities of supplier onboarding and procurement processes.”

5. Spotlight on Procurement

Recommended by Graham I. Moore
Partner - Business Development & Sales, Europe, ORO labs

“The Spotlight podcast created by Efficio, dives into the fascinating tales of industry trailblazers from around the world. This podcast helps me discover the ins and outs of working in this dynamic field as the needs and role of procurement rapidly evolves.”

6. The SupplyChainBrain Podcast

Recommended by Timothy Harfield
Head of Product Marketing, ORO labs

“Although focused mostly on issues related to direct procurement, The SupplyChainBrain podcast is an excellent source of information about how new policies, global politics, and technological change are driving innovation in procurement and supply chain management.  The podcast strikes an excellent balance between interviews with thought leaders, industry professionals, and vendors. Host Bob Bowman asks probing questions and does a great job of explaining complex concepts and putting them in context  With episodes typically coming in at under 20 minutes, they are a great way to get you thinking at the beginning of the day (or while sitting on a tractor, which is where I personally do most of my podcast listening)”

7. WBS Rocks

Recommended by Matthew Tillman
Head of Demand Generation, ORO labs

“What makes this podcast a must-add to your list is the fact that it not only dives into the latest tech trends; but also provides you with independent analysis that explores different enterprise software options, delves into ERP and eCommerce solutions, and keeps you in the loop on enterprise software mergers and acquisitions.”

In a recent episode on Business Growth with ERP and Digital Transformation, Sudhir Bhojwani (Co-founder, ORO labs), and Yuan (Co-founder, CTO, ORO labs) provide noteworthy insights on the best practices for managing unmanaged spend.


The world of audio content is a gift that keeps giving. We at ORO love listening to podcasts, and hope you find this list as intriguing as us. So, grab your headphones, hit play, and embark on a journey of discovery with these diverse and compelling podcast recommendations. Happy listening!